Dual Adjustable Golf Hinge

The remarkable invention that is guaranteed to improve your golf swing and save strokes, lower your handicap now. 


  We at ReFiner® Golf are very proud of the quality of our swing trainer.

Points of Interest:

  1. Our hinge breaks in two directions from center identifying swing flaws instantly.
  2. In the above picture notice the adjustability feature, that can be tweaked with the accompanying allen wrench.
  3. Not seen but so ever present is the brass oil lite bushing that our hinge pivots around for smooth accurate action. The bearing/bushing also allows our hinge to wear in not out. This is an extremely important feature.
  4. Notice the distance from top to bottom of the inside of our hinge, this gap truly allows the golfer to FEEL where the club head is throughout the swing. Another exclusive feature to The ReFiner® .
  5. Our hinges are manufactured using the latest high tech machinery to insure consistent quality of product. EVERY club is tested and inspected prior to leaving our plant.
  6. The big difference between us and our competitor is Quality, Value, Adjustability and complete operation of product.
  7. Yes, you can hit balls with The ReFiner® Buy the golf swing trainer that wears in not out!

Our products are guaranteed.