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Recent Reviews and Testimonials

"I have been golfing since I was 24 and am now 62. This year I started literally not being able to hit the ball, shanking and all sorts of terrible things much to my dismay. Nobody could figure it out including my club pro. I purchased the refiner package with the iron, driver, putter and angle iron. I went to the range really not expecting much, but within 5-6 swings of the refiner iron, I started really hitting the ball solid and straight again and this translated to swinging my own clubs. It's not perfect yet, but I can see how these incredible training clubs will save me if I get in a situation where my swing goes south and will continue to improve my game."

 Dan Prust


"I began playing golf about 6 months ago, and to my surprise managed to progress rather quickly. I took a couple lessons, and could hit most of my irons with relative ease. The one thing I COULD NOT hit was my driver or woods. After a particularly frustrating day at the range, I actually gave my driver to my brother-in-law. After sharing my woes with friends, a Deacon at my church lent me his ReFiner Driver. In one Saturday afternoon in the backyard, I could miraculously hit a driver. Unsure of how those results would hold up in the "real" world, I took it to the range the next day. The results were frightening. I went from an approximately 10 yard shot, after having consistently topped the ball, to tee shots of 150 to 200 yards...DEAD STRAIGHT. When my tee shots on the course get a little shaky, I go to the ReFiner, take a couple swings, and my shots straighten right out. Thank you sooooo much for a wonderful product."

  • Romel S., Baltimore, MD



"Good Afternoon,
I write very few testimonials because few products truly deliver on all their promises. I can say without a doubt that the Refiner clubs will improve your golf game. I have been practicing daily with the 5 iron Refiner club for 5-10 minutes per day for the last 3 weeks in my back yard. I typically shoot in the high 90's or low 100's and now after three weeks with the Refiner I am shooting in the high 80's and improving. My scores speak for themselves, these are real results from an "average Joe", I will be ordering the driver soon and I have recommended your product to my golfing friends. The game is so much more enjoyable when one can play consistently. The Refiner delivers real world results.....period. The Refiner club is a remarkable tool at a very competitive price, I look forward to many more pleasant rounds of golf in the future. Thanks!"

  • J. Murphy, Houston, TX


Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful training aid the refiner is. After viewing your site online, my golfing buddy and I decided to purchase the par saver package. To tell you the truth, I was not expecting much at all as I had tried to find a solution to my hook that has been plaguing my game for a while now. I did have lessons to fix the problem but the hook always returned and it was getting quite expensive. We live in Sydney Australia and were very impressed with the whole delivery process and the fact that we could track exactly where the package was right from my PC. The whole process was super fast and only took three days from the US to get to my work. We asked for a delivery time of after 10.30 am and the package arrived at 10.40 am. Now back to the clubs. The refiner has totally changed my tempo and swing path and for all golfers that have played this wonderful but quite frustrating game for a while you can now see but most importantly FEEL a proper golf swing. My swing is now much flatter which in turn promotes "hitting the ball from the inside" and a slight draw for added distance. After just two weeks, I am hitting 90% of fairways and drawing the ball. Holes that I usually struggled to reach in regulation are now a thing of the past. On Saturday I birdied a par 4 that I usually had to lay up on many occasions. I could go on and on about the clubs but as a 13 handicapper and golfer of 20 odd years, Refiner is the answer to all my golfing prayers. Just one more point. I would have paid the money for the DVD on its own. Single figures, Here I come! Regards,"

  • M. Marchand. Sydney, Australia


"Refiner Sales:
On Tuesday, July 17, 2007, I ordered your "Birdie Maker Package". I ordered ReFiner because my research indicated that your product is the same as the Medicus, but can be adjusted as your swing progresses, and without the heavy price tag. I tried the Medicus at a recent golf outing and realized it works, but I wanted a training package that would help me with my driver, irons, and putting. ReFiner has provided that, and more. I was extremely satisfied with the attention to my order; the club set arrived the following day. ReFiner products are not only the best on the market but your customer service is second to none. I own and operate a "The UPS Store" in Florida and we pride ourselves in excellent service, but you guys are the best. You have made my online shopping experience a real pleasure, it's really nice doing business with a truly professional company. I went right out and tried all of the clubs. The driver is excellent, breaking when my take-away is jerky or too fast, when I'm casting, or when my follow through is off. I got the same results with the 5 iron. I use to hit fat shots all of the time with my irons because my take-away and ball striking was so jerky. Now, that will be a thing of the past. Most amazingly the putter was the club that gave me the most pleasure through its feedback. Sensational club, I'm sinking 15 and 20 foot putts routinely. I rarely sank a long putt before, even with hours of practice. All of this in three days of trials, just amazing, I can't wait to put the entire system to work over this summer. I will write next summer and let you know how I have progressed. Please tell Mr. Dent that I purchased this product in part because of his endorsement, he chose a genuinely sensational product to endorse. Thank You,"

  • Ray C., Pompano Beach, FL - 18 handicap


 "Refiner Sales! Not only is your product the best on the market but your customer service is second to none. I sent a club in for minor repair and it was sent back to me in less than a week You back your products' warranty as advertised. There were no hesitations whatsoever. You have a remarkable company and its a pleasure doing business with you. Thank You!"

  • Bill C., Chicago, IL


 "Subj: WOW!
OK Refiner! You said your product worked and now I'm convinced. Got a Refiner driver for a Christmas present and because of extraordinarily warm weather in upstate NY in December, finally got to give it a go the other day. INCREDIBLE! A few practice swings to slow down my former herky jerky swing and I crushed four drives, each plugged in soft turf at over 250 yards; two with the Refiner, two with my regular driver. To be sure, I need lots more Refiner training to make the slower, coordinated swing more consistent when I transition to my regular clubs, but sheer optimism from the experience yesterday has me chomping at the bit for my next chance to practice settling into the groove. Good work and thanks!"

  • George H., Ithaca, NY


 "Subj: The Refiner is the Best!!!!!!!!
Two weeks ago, almost to the day, I received my Refiner 5-iron and driver. I will admit, I was skeptical as heck these clubs could help my game. My driver was all over the place. I had no idea where my tee shots were going to go when I stepped to the tee. My iron play was just as bad: left, right, fat, no consistency whatsoever. I would shoot the mid 90's one day, triple digits the next. I was fed up with my golf game and willing to try almost anything. I considered buying various products but after many hours of research decided to give the Refiner a try. After all, it was two clubs for the price of one compared to a similar product. After only 2 weeks of limited swinging of the Refiner (at home and at the course just before playing) I just shot the best round of my life, an 80. I also did something I had never done before, I was in the 30's for nine holes for the first time EVER with a 37, 8 pars and 1 bogey. I still can't believe it. There is no doubt in my mind the single reason for the best round of my life is the Refiner. I am a believer and will recommend the Refiner to all my friends. I can't wait to go out and play again. Thank you Refiner!! Sincerely,"

  • Tim K., Dublin, OH


"Received my 5-iron and driver recently. After about 15 minutes with them I was able to swing without the hinge opening. The next day, I shot my best game ever - and have continued to improve. I've dropped 10-12 stokes in 2 weeks!! These clubs are the real deal!"

  • Bruce M., Frankfort, IL



"Just for a frame of reference. I am 60 years old and generally have been scoring 90, give or take. Since I play 3 to 4 times a week, I know I should score better. In the last year of so I lost a lot of confidence and my game was suffering. I was typically having 4 of 5 'blow-up' holes and seemed to be losing ground. I must admit that I was a little embarrassed with myself when I ordered the Refiner 5-Iron. I knew it was going to be one of those rip-offs that do not work, but what the heck I was desperate! The day I received it, I went into the back yard to swing without a ball. I was not perfect to say the least. I was having trouble with the break during the initial take away but after 30 minutes I was able to eliminate breaks with that relaxing back and forth swing drill. Anyway, the next morning I got to the course a little early and tried to hit a few balls; I must admit I had limited success hitting the balls and had swing breaks in just about all parts of my swing. However, the loosing up exercise was easier than the previous day as removed the tension in my hands. Well, all I can say is what a difference a day makes! I was hitting my irons between 10 and 15 yards longer than I was last week. Although this is not fairy tale land and I did have a few miss-hits, those miss-hits tended to be left, not right and my slice was just about non-existent. I felt so much more relaxed with my swing and my confidence level was way up. Yesterday I had a bogey on 18 for a "disappointing" 80. I guess this means that you do not have to be a beginner to benefit from your swing trainer!

  • Brian L.


 "I received my ReFiner putter several weeks ago, and without a doubt, it is the finest putting trainer I have ever seen.....in 5 rounds since I practiced with the putter. I have not exceded 30 putts per round......thanks."

  • Tom J.


"Just to let you know the refiner is fantastic. I do not use any other club on the practice ground apart from it. I just hit ball after ball with it and then I'm ready to go. Tempo on the course is the most important thing and the refiner has made a massive difference to my swing, I would recommend it to anyone. Yours faithfully,"

  • Michael L., Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland


"I just wanted to write you a short note and thank you for your product and your customer service. I just purchased the Refiner Driver and 5-Iron combo and all I can say is that I'm extremely happy with both items. Two days after I got the clubs in the mail, I played my first round and hit 9 out of 10 fairways. (the only miss because I actually hit the ball too straight when I was aiming for my natural fade) I can honestly say that after practicing with the Refiner clubs, I have a better understanding of what I need to do to hit the ball properly. Not only that, but my swing just feels a lot "simpler". I would recommend it to anyone trying to improve their game. Finally and more importantly, I was really impressed with your customer service. When I received my Driver, it had a little pebble or piece of metal inside the clubhead and it made a little rattling sound. Not a major thing, but enough for me to want it fixed. After contacting Refiner Golf, they called me back and informed me they would send a replacement right away with a paid Return Address label so I could return the damaged one. Less than a week later, I now have my new Refiner Driver and it is perfect. Thanks again."

  • Rafael S., Dallas, Tx


 "I received my ReFiner 5 iron Friday and spent yesterday swinging your club in the back yard. Took the club to the driving range today (12-21-04 for all you cold country folks). Practice swings first and then hit range balls with my irons.All I can say is - What a difference!! Still a long way to go with the swing, but now I can honestly say that I have found, at long last, a swing model that will work. Lots of good ( for me ) shots and very very few poor shots, no really bad shots. I really like the consistency these practice swings bring - already - I can see improved timing, tempo, and rhythm. I'm sure it is not news to you when I say, "Wish I had found this years ago!" Thank you ReFiner !'

  • Robert K., Sunny Phoenix Arizona


"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how the Refiner has changed my game. I have never had a lesson and have played for about 9 years. I have always tried to swing the club correctly as opposed to compensating so that I can hit the ball because I didn't want to reinforce bad habits in hopes of someday improving. Nothing I have ever seen, read, learned or forgotten has helped me as much as when I first swung my Refiner back and figured out how to keep it from breaking. That one minute lesson has almost made swinging the club easy. I never understood how the pros make it look so effortless. I now understand that the key always was that it "is" effortless. The Refiner taught me that. I use the slow deliberate Refiner practice swing every time I swing my club and no matter what my brain tries to tell me about swinging harder, I stick with the "toe up", towel under my arms, pendulum swing and the ball flies further and straighter every single time. I almost feel sorry now for other golfers compensating for their slice and falling all over the place after they swing the club. Once you learn that swing, golf is almost easy. The Refiner has given me that and I just wanted to say thank you."

  • Michael B.


 "After I received your club I practiced my air swings after work and was able to correct certain flaws immediately. I was finally able to try my new "swing" at the driving range and the results were unbelievable. Just practicing air swings with the Refiner has dramatically improved my distance, loft and accuracy when using my regular irons (O.G. Big Bertha). I am finally able to experience what it feels like to hit a "pure shot". The sound my irons make when I make contact is so sweet that I wish I could bottle and sell it. The included instructional DVD provided welcome insight on the use of the Refiner and the minor adjustment I made in my grip has allowed me to start drawing the ball! I'm really satisfied with my purchase and wanted to thank you personally for creating such a wonderful product. Very Truly Yours,"

  • Dino L., San Diego, CA


 "I recently passed my playing test to become a PGA Professional. That being said, this Refiner 5 Iron has helped me understand the golf swing in ways I never before knew. I have used many other training products in the past but this tool ranks #1 hands down. Thanks again and best of luck."

  • Eamon C., Florida


 "Gentlemen, After spending three days at a weekend golf clinic, where a Medicus golf club was used for swing training, I purchased your product. Mine has the training grip, which the Medicus did not. The Medicus is a fine swing trainer, however, the ReFiner is a better option for multiple users. The adjustable tension makes it easier for starting golfers to get into a proper swing and as you get better, you can adjust the tension to refine your swing even more. The ReFiner is better than the Medicus, has the training grip, and also better priced. And yes, you can actually hit balls with this club. I use it to warm up at the range before playing. I have taken 10 strokes off of my normal round by using this club. I have been playing for around twelve years and never took it seriously. My handicap was a 25. Now that I have more time to play and will take it more seriously, my handicap will go down even more! Thank you!"

  • Eric V., Coconut Creek, FL


 "I purchased the Refiner 2 weeks ago. I generally just use it before a round for tempo or when I go to the range for the same reason. I am hitting the ball further and straighter. This club definitely helps fix tempo and swing flaws. The Refiner gave me instant feedback on my swing flaws. What a difference! I am having fun golfing and when I hit a bad shot I know why! I have recommended it to many of my golf buddies. I think this product is great. Thanks for giving me confidence in my swing!"

  • Kent S., Hooksett, NH


 "Just a short note of thanks to you folks at Refiner Golf for your fine service and product. I am a avid internet shopper, and you folks own the record for prompt delivery. Now for the fantastic part!! I have been playing golf for 35 years and have bought a couple of other training aids and plenty of lessons but nothing that compares to this.Your product allows the golfer to actually feel and see the swing flaws, the feedback is awesome.Also I am a lefty, and you folks don't discriminate against those of us who play the game correctly :-) Sell a bunch and thanks again."

  • Joe Headrick, North Carolina


 "Having used a hinged club when learning to play golf several years ago, I was immediately drawn to your product as a training aid for my fiance who is just learning the game. You can teach technique, alignment, course management etc. but you just can't teach feel. This club allows for that and the adjustable hinge is a key feature for someone who is just learning. It's like a set of training wheels that can be adjusted as the new swing progresses." P.S. Your customer service has been top notch!! Thanks again."

  • Cory, Toronto Canada


 "Hi, My husband ordered me the 'ladies par saver' The refiner training clubs are great. I definitely notice a difference. I live in RI and I plan on using all winter so I will be as ready in the spring as if I never stopped playing. Thanks,"

  • Mary Misiaszek


 "Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know how well the Refiner has worked for me. I started playing golf last year and picked up hints from buddies and from various Web sites. However, the game was not coming to me and I was considering giving up. I went and played with some friends and became very frustrated because I'd been working hard on my game and not seeing results. I decided to give the Refiner a try after I stumbled upon your Web site while searching for training aids. I've been working with the club for about two weeks now. I've had it at the range about six times now hitting balls off of a tee as suggested by the training video (which is wonderful on its own). The last time I played at a course (about a month ago) I was so bad I wasn't even keeping score. I could only hit my 7 iron and I couldn't even get it off the ground every time. When I did, it was never straight. Well, yesterday I played a course I'd never even seen and kept score. I shot an honest 118! I didn't break out the foot wedge once! I know that doesn't sound great, but for me it was incredible. The guy I was playing with was in shock. I hit five greens with my scoring irons from 100 - 150 yards out. My contact, distance and accuracy were incredible. I still don't hit my driver and my short game needs a lot of work, but my iron play is coming along wonderfully thanks to Refiner. I hope to order the Refiner driver in the near future and I'm actually going to start practicing my short game. Before, I had no reason. But now, double-digit scores don't seem so far away. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful swing trainer and instructional video. I'm recommending this club to everyone I know who wants to be a real golfer someday." Sincerely,"

  • Shey Cavin, Ruston, Louisiana


"My brother, Ken, purchased your club. While I was visiting him in New Jersey, I started to use the club and found that it helped me develop better timing in my swing. I used the club about three days. I went golfing with him and my swing was better then in memory. I normally am a bogey golfer. I found myself putting for birdies. My brother would chant "do the refiner swing" and I would swing with better timing than I remember. I purchased my own "Refiner" and have suggested it to others. I really think it helped me understand why my swing was just a little off. Thanks again, Sincerely,"

  • Robert Neger, Burlingame, California


 "I purchased the product for my brother, and my brother purchased one (back) for me!. The aid has allowed me to dramatically improve my swing and has resulted in my shooting two consecutive career rounds right at the start of the season (no kidding, shaved off about 8 strokes, because my swing is so much more controlled!"

  • R. Rex Denton, Ph. D., Madison, CT


 "I purchased the Hinged 5 iron and the Angle Iron about 2 weeks ago. I have taken the Angle Iron to the practice range and cannot believe the results I have had. I am hitting the ball with more loft, more distance and straighter than I ever have. I am 71 years old and have been playing golf for over 40 years. My iron game has always been my weak area. I am certain that the Angle Iron will bring my handicap down from the current 19 a minimum of 4-6 shots. Unfortunately I lost the little tool used to tighten up the settings. Would you please send one to me. Thank You."

  • Frank Dupree, Riverhead, NY*


 "The Refiner has helped me with my swing plane and I have been lowering my handicap. It has paid for itself with my weekly wagers with my golf buddies."

  • Jon Myrick, Erie, PA


 "As a student in the U.S. I was introduced to the game of golf and became addicted. Looking for a quick fix to allow me to keep the ball in play and enjoy the game was a must. The Refiner and Angle Iron gave me an instant overview and feeling of the golf swing."

  • Ralf Eipl, Heidelberg, Germany


 "I've been using the Angle Iron for one month, and it works. I've played golf for a long time and would occasionally develop a pull hook due to early and inappropriate hand action. This caused myriad problems, the most frustrating being inconsistent. I have actually shot in the 70's with five penalty strokes in one round. Your angle iron creates the feeling of the hands leading the club face through impact which produces consistent ball striking. It also trained my hips to provide the power not my hands. I'll hit several shots with the angle iron, then hit my club and try to make it feel the same. My teaching pro thinks it great. I noticed that you emphasize a cure for the slice, however it works just as well for the golfer who hooks the ball. This is an effective training device and a good value."

  • Terrell Brown Ponte, Vedra Beach, FL


 "I actually carry the Refiner in my bag and use it to warm up with. It helps me a great deal with my timing. It also has been helpful in correcting a problem with breaking my wrists in my take away. If my swing goes south during a round, I will pull the Refiner out and swing it several times to regain my tempo and feel. It has been the best training aid I have ever used."

  • Ken Speicher, Maineville, OH