Top  reasons why The ReFiner Dual Adjustable Hinged Swing Trainer should be in your bag. Check out the details on our 460cc driver and other hinged golf training aid products.See why the Refiner Driver is an easy choice over the Medicus Driver.

ReFiner Driver - Medicus Driver Comparison

  Medicus The ReFiner
Detect and hinge/break at same swing flaws YES YES
Money back guarantee YES YES
Adjustable hinge feature ? YES
Available in Graphite NO YES
Custom lengths available NO YES
Clear reminder grip NO YES
Much closer to weight of a normal club NO YES
Driver 460cc  



Graphite Hinged Driver   $99.95
Hiinged Driver & Hinge Blade Putter   $129.95


You're looking to improve your golf swing and you're checking out a number of the training aids. You've got it narrowed down to the Medicus Driver vs Refiner Driver. Medicus Driver, Medicus Golf Training Aids Review - Get the TRUTH

The Refiner Graphite driver provides you with the most realistic and accurate swing of a real driver. As the only graphite shaft training club available, it helps you develop a smooth swing while also being engineered to actually hit golf balls. The Refiner Graphite Driver also has a weight close to the driver you currently use, allowing you to learn using the patented two-way adjustable-hinges that expose swing flaws immediately with a break in the hinge. The graphite shaft goes beyond being valuable for its similar weight as it has a dual-colored shaft that will provide you with visible cues for maintaining an on-plane swing path. Lastly, because every great golfer knows how critical a good grip is, the Refiner grip provides ideal hand placement guides in order to square the clubface.
The Medicus driver shares similar baseline technology, but hasn't advanced like the rest of the equipment for golf. Medicus has a steel shaft and is heavier than most drivers. The weight pulls to correct you swing, but isn't as easily replicated when you switch back to your own golf clubs. While the Medicus has a similar hinge, the Refiner is constructed differently around a spring mechanism. The Refiner hinge features adjustable tension and a wear-free spring design that allows you see exactly where in your swing the flaw is. When you swing correctly, the Refiner performs like a normal club and is engineered to hit golf balls on a tee or right off the ground.
So, as you're comparing Medicus Driver vs Refiner Driver, just ask yourself if you're wanting the best and newest technology to improve your golf game. If so, check out the Refiner Graphite Driver. Why pay more for less? We ship worldwide!

Summary: Medicus spent 5 years in an effort to keep The Refiner out of the marketplace.Refiner Golf prevailed and you the golfing public are the winners!

Medicus is a registered trademark of Medicus Golf not to be confused with The Refiner.