Refiner SKLZ Pro Graphite Hinged Driver - Right Hand

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  • The Refiner Pro Hinged Graphite Driver is a  HINGED training club. This golf training aid is Engineered to hit golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo golf swing, the patented two-way adjustable-hinge will pin-point a flaw immediately by a break in the hinge. The dual-colored shaft gives visible cues for maintaining an on-plane swing path, and the grip provides ideal hand placement guides in order to square the clubface. Hit balls with The Refiner and receive instant feedback on your swing or just swing it in the back yard and groove your swing. Our golf training aids have a UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
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  • Available in Mens Right Hand Only



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2 Reviews

Ron T 8th Aug 2012

Awesome training aid

I have been having problem with my driver lately, hitting a snap hook. Working with the refiner has help a ton. Slowed down my take away and not so flat of club at the top of the swing. I would recommend this aid to anyone who is struggling off the tee

Steve 28th Jun 2012

Improved immediately

After watching the video then practicing with the Refiner Driver my distance was much better and better on accuracy as well. Highly recommend this great tool to any struggling novice golfer that wants to improve on the Tee box.

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