This is a Q & A page designed to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding The ReFiner Swing Trainer Product line.

Q. Is it true you can actually hit a ball with the Refiner?
A. Yes, when swung correctly the Refiner will perform like a normal club.

Q. I tend to grip the club too tight. Will the Refiner help?

A. Absolutely, The Refiner is designed to teach a soft grip enabling you to swing the clubhead with perfect timing and increased velocity.


Q. People tell me I pick-up the club too quickly on the takeaway. How will the Refiner help?
A. The Refiner will give you a low, slow and wide take-away used by all tour players.

Q. Will the Refiner help me with finding the correct swing plane?
A. The Refiner can only be swung on plane.

Q. I tend to cast or hit from the top. Will the Refiner help?
A. In one swing. The Refiner will automatically teach you to drop your hands inside naturally from the top.

Q. I swing too fast. Will the Refiner slow me down?
A. The Refiner will improve your tempo, timing and rhythm.


Q. What is the difference between the Refiner and the Medicus?
A. MARKETING COSTS aside, our patent was issued on different claims on how our hinge is constructed. Mainly items that center around the spring mechanism. Which is key for both clubs. It is our opinion that our adjustable tension and wear free spring design is superior. Click here for a full comparison of the Refiner and the Medicus

Q. Do you ship all over the world?
A. Yes. Our order form has a built in shipping calculator that will calculate shipping cost to most of the world.

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