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About Us 
ReFiner Golf Company has been doing business since 1991. Our product was invented out of frustration. Through experience it became apparent that a hinged golf training club needed to have a tension adjust-ability feature for routine calibration and challenge for the student of the game. 


The game of golf can be very rewarding and enjoyable when the shots are hit crisp and the ball stays in play. Today the golf industry offers many fine high tech and expensive golf clubs. However the fact remains unless one executes a basic, correct golf swing, the risk of a higher scoring game remains. Our golf training aids have helped golfers all over the world.
Refiner Golf Company is pleased to offer our effective, affordable swing trainers. Our products do not require strapping anything on, look like a normal club, and fit in your golf bag. Hit balls with the ReFiner and receive instant feedback. The ReFiner Swing trainer teaches feel, is quick to remind you of an improper swing, and will hinge at that precise point where the swing flaw occurs.
We have thousands of satisfied customers around the world who use our swing trainer. Each and every one of our customers is very important to us. Thank you for choosing ReFiner Golf and hit 'em straight.